Research Plan

My users

1. 6-8 year old kids who live in american and love playing with tablet PC. 
2. 6-8 year old kids who struggle in learning because of disorder
3. 6-8 year old kids who do not like to go to school

Research Plan

I need to find kids for many reason, interview, user test, model and experience design. Unfortunately I do not have many connection with parents and kids. I can think of 3 professors who have kids: Michael, Sinclair and Jennifer. I also need to contact with my previous interviewee who can provide me an opportunity to do work shop. I really need to make a nice introduction file and send out to private schools in NYC to seek for the opportunities. 


I want to make user test the app the I am developing which is a library app for kids 

Questions to ask them

When do like to use your tablet PC? 
How it is effecting your social life?
What is your favorite app to use?
What other activities in your daily life that enjoy?