Yesterday I finally had time to sit down and thought about the intent of my thesis. I wanted to make a professional looking thesis that is thoughtful with research and evidence. It should geared toward technology focused work because my intent is to bring this works to my job interview. I am interested in working as an interaction designer in a tech company. 

I made this map that show what I want to achieve in my thesis work. I want a make a thoughtful work that include research about the effect of digital technology in cognitive childhood development. Also I want to create work with high quality finish. In my graduate school program, I had been focusing on researching, prototyping and testing ideas more than shaping the look of the surface. However, my goal is to make a product that is repressible both inside and outside. It will show my graphic design skill. I mark down where I am now and it will move as I make progress. 

My thesis is about the benefit/opportunity of digital technology that could be utilized in a childhood development. If my main audience are the tech companies, that are influencing people’s behavior and lifestyle. I want make works that could influence people in the similar way. I made this map that shows how those company are influencing people in a positive way. 

So far I am down to make works that provide engaging information, discovering inspiring people and place, captivate memories. However, since my main users are children, I also want to challenge on increasing their creativity, educational knowledge and connection to their peers.