• VR               
  • Experience Design                   
  • Education System         
  • User Journey
  • Champaign Design


I am contributed to research, ideation, and experience design. Mainly orchestrating the wholistic experience. 


2 monthes - still in progress


  • Jaehyun Kim (Game Designer)
  • Children's Museum of the Arts


Your Art Comes Alive
a VR (virtual reality) arts & crafts workshop for children


Project Overview / Purpose 

Let your kids see their artwork come to life before their eyes! Combining the joy and tactility of hands-on making with the digital wonder of Virtual Reality, this workshop guides participants through a fun-filled craft session. The workshop seeks to bridge physical and digital creativity, while teaching kids about marine ecology!
The purpose of the work is to encourage children to do analog activities through digital inputs. In this case, I am using VR as a digital tool to draw, make and foster creativity. 


Overview Procedure


User Journey of the Workshop


1. Inspired

Participants are prompted to collaborate to create their own world by drawing and making clay figures. They are given a “travel guide” for inspiration. 

2. Create

Participants draw the background environment and build habitats with clay together.


3. Create More

Participants decorate their cardboard VR goggles.

4. Get on a bike

Participants put on VR goggles and seat on the VR bike. Participants pedal the bike to move through their world.

6. Bike and Wonder

 Through the goggles, they will see that they are biking inside of the world they all created. 


7. Impact

At the end of the workshop,  Participants get to take their cardboard goggle and an instruction of "How to play with VR in a analog way at home"



Moving in a Virtual Space with Movement

Biking in VR

A Clay Figure is 3D Scanned and Placed in VR


Upcoming Workshop Schedule 

We partnership with Children's Museum of the Arts.

Children's Museum of the Arts

March 25th, 2017


90 Minuets



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